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Happy Birthday to Me!

Once again, I'm having a two-day birthday party. We were supposed to get a bunch of snow today, so earlier in the week I'd decided to have cake and presents tomorrow. But it didn't snow at all! (If you ask me, meteorology is an art, not a science. It's just another type of divination. Somebody owl Trelawney.) I did get my parents to let me open one of the presents from them. I could tell it was a ring by the shape of the box, and I said that I could wear it to Mass. (I didn't ask for any rings, this one actually was a surprise). It turned out to be a sterling silver claddaugh ring with a turquoise heart! So pretty.

To celebrate, we went to see National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Let me start by saying if you didn't like the first one, you're not going to like this one. But then, if you didn't like the first one, why would you see this one?

Anyway, I loved the first one and I thought this was a very good sequel. Everyone from the first one was there, with the exception of Sean Bean, but Ed Harris took his place. We also get to meet Ben's mother, Dr. Emily Gates, who's a linguist. Helen Mirren was very good as Emily. She and Ben's father Patrick haven't even spoken in 32 years, though Ben does speak with her regularly.

This time around, Ben and the others are looking for the Lost City of Gold so they can prove that a member of the Gates family did not lead the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Yeah, those two seemingly unrelated things are connected, and in a mostly believable way. I did like one bit of real history that they slipped in -- the President's desk really is made of wood from an old British ship. I didn't know it had a twin, though. But I hated where they put the Lost City of Gold -- the pre-Columbian civilization they use in the movie did not have territory that far north.

Ed Harris' character is my favorite kind of villain, the kind that still has a good side deep down and can be redeemed. The fact that Ed's kinda cute doesn't hurt. (He's not going on my list of crushes. Nick is, though.)

I liked it when Ben told the President that he has faith in his nobility. Why is it that fictional presidents (the good ones, anyway) are always better people than the real presidents? (Yes, Dubya and Bubba, I'm looking at you.)

I can't decide which of Nicholas Cage's characters I like better -- Ben Gates or Johnny Blaze.

Yeah, gotta get this movie on DVD.

After the movie was Mass then BK for dinner. Bobby had called while we were out and said he'll call back. I convinced Mom and Dad to let me open the birthday presents from him and Linds so I can thank him when he calls.

Bobby and Linds sent me Littlest Pet Shop pets! Yeah, big surprise. :-)

#321 and #322, a white-and-gold rabbit with really long ears and sunglasses and a turtle sitting in a beach chair. Too cute!

#93 a purple butterfly with pink wings ... that came with a digital pet!

I am floored by teh cute.