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The Big What?

My beloved Lite 101.9 KLTQ is no more. Sometime after I got home Wednesday and before I left the house this morning, my favorite radio station became The Big O KOOO.

Granted, Omaha's nickname for itself is The Big O, but everyone knows the other definition of "the big O." Hell, Dr. John's used the double meaning on a billboard a while back. So yeah, The Big O is a stupid name for a radio station. And those call letters? It's like an out-of-touch person trying to be hip.

Do you know what this means? It means no more banter from Jack and Theresa in the mornings. Dad and I liked trying to figure out the Impossible Question. And no more Double Play Wednesday. I loved guessing which songs they'd play. And what's going to happen in December, now that "Omaha's Official Christmas Music Station" is no more?

Strangely, they're still playing '70s to today's Adult Contemporary, so I guess I can't complain too much. But there was no DJ at all this morning. No banter, no news, no traffic updates. WTF?