Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

First lines of 2007

January: Note to self: Never go to another matinee on a federal holiday.

Mom, Dad, and I went to see Night at the Museum that day and it was packed.

February: I've finally joined the 21st Century -- I just paid my credit card bill over the phone.

The best way to save 41 cents (or whatever first class stamps cost these days).

March: We got about 7 inches yesterday (plus 50 mph winds) and we're supposed to get another inch tonight.

Major snow storm.

April: I'm quitting my job and joining the circus.

April Fool.

May: Due to Dad's tire not getting replaced until today, I've had Starbucks three days in a row.

Caffeine, my drug of choice.

June: Went shopping last night.

Finally got the Jareth action figure.

July: If I'm doing something that annoys or upsets you, I'd appreciate if you'd tell me.

Can't remember what prompted this, but that's probably a good thing.

August: Last July, somebody hacked into my Ebay account and put a fake designer purse (which of course the person said was authentic) up for auction.

Somebody apparently hacked into my Amazon account but I got that straightened out.

September: Keeping to a diet is hard when you go out to eat, but I managed to do it Saturday.

Ah yes, South Beach Diet. I'm going back on that this week.

October: Went shopping with Mom yesterday at Shadow Lake, this new shopping center one town over.

First trip to the new strip mall. Finally, Republic of Tea is within driving distance.

November: I can't believe it's November already.

Mandatory statement regarding how fast October goes by.

December: I bought the first three seasons of Charmed the other day.

Once again, I've fallen for a dead series.

(This doesn't include the BPAL reviews.)
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