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Er, yeah. My dreams, when I have them, are never normal. Last night's was no exception.

I dreamt I was a muggle-born witch in the Harry Potter universe. I've fantasized this often enough that it doesn't surprise me I finally dreamt it. Anyway, I dreamt that I had been driven from the magical world because of Voldemort's anti-muggle policies. I must've been gone for a year, but now that he was defeated, I was back. For whatever reason, I was at the Ministry of Magic. I asked Minerva what happened to Snape, and she said he had died six months before.

I was devastated. I was in love with him but had been unable to tell him. So I found myself walking through the main hall of the Ministry of Magic (which for some bizarre reason looked like my high school) when I saw Snape on the other side of the room. I ran to him and gave him the biggest hug ever. I felt so happy and at peace. Then we were in an elevator, presumably going topside. We were awkwardly trying to hold hands. Snape had candy for me, but some little kid in the elevator with us stole some. Snape was mad but I just laughed.

Why Snape was wearing this fuzzy orange coat during the whole thing, I have no idea. It didn't do a thing for him.

Then I woke up.