Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Last night, we went into Honolulu for dinner. Our destination had been changed from Ruby Tuesdays to the cafe' at the Hale Koa Hotel. The Hale Koa is a military-only hotel. We had tried to get reservations there when we first arrived in Hawaii in '86 but they were sold out. Yeah, popular place.

Anyway, on the way there we went past a few familiar landmarks. With the exception of the Honolulu skyline, these were the first familiar things we'd seen.

At the Hale Koa, we were surprised to learn that their Territorial Coffeehouse was now the Koko Cafe'. Whatever, it was essentially the same. I had a slight moment of panic when the hostess asked to see military I.D. cards since I was the only adult in the party without one. Thankfully, she only had to see one. Dad and Bobby dueled to see who could get theirs out of their wallet first. It was a draw. *eye roll*

I finally got to satisfy a craving I've had for the last eighteen years -- I had a batter-fried mahi-mahi sandwich. Heaven on a plate. I also had macadamia nut cream pie (so-so) for dessert. All in all, I've blown my diet completely out of the water.
Tags: trips
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