Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Being in need of a few things yesterday, I asked if we could go shopping. So everybody (except Bobby, who was working) piled into the rented van and we went to the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange (NEX). I remember it being bigger than the Hickam Base Exchange (BX) when we lived here, but the Navy has definitely upgraded in the last 18 years. The store itself is two large levels, there's a food court that rivals some shopping malls', a large, multilevel waterfall is next to the glass elevator, and the dome of the large courtyard has an undersea mural painted by Wyland, one of Hawaii's premiere artists.

The place was packed, especially the courtyard. There were a handful of people in uniform. Mostly it was people in street clothes, and I bet the majority were active or retired military people on vacation.

We had left the house around noon and by the time we were done shopping and had gotten back on the interstate (technically an intrastate), it was 3:30 and the start of rush hour. It took us about half an hour to get to the NEX, and an hour to get back.

Before I forget, Happy Birthday, Dad!
Tags: birthdays, trips
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