Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Yesterday, we all piled in the van and drove to Oahu's North Shore. Unlike many, we weren't going for the surfing, we were going for the shopping. There's a huge place that's technically a strip mall, but it's more like a bunch of shops that happen to be together.

Tara + shops = Tara helping the local economy.

The glass store had a lot of colored glass paperweights and sculptures (I loved the pewter surfer on the green glass wave), but I was there for the dichroic glass pendants. After major deliberation, I got a small dark blue one on a black leather cord. Jungle Gems had displays of jewerly sorted by gemstone. The moonstone and apatite displays called to me, but only until I went over to the amber display. That's when I saw a sterling silver locket with a rose carved into an oval piece of amber. At the pearl store, I got a black leather bracelet with a large black cultured pearl. Finally, at the Aloha store, I got a kukui nut lei and a 500+ page book of Hawaiian Mythology. It makes for rather dry reading, so I should have no problems falling asleep on my flight home.
Tags: trips
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