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Last night, we all piled into the van and drove to Ala Moana Mall (probably the most expensive mall in Honolulu). Our mission was not to shop (shocker!) but to dine at th Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Dining there was ... an experience. If you love Forrest Gump, you'll love the restaurant. If you hate the movie, stay far, far away. If you're like me and think the movie's okay but not one of your favorites, the restaurant will probably charm you before you walk out. I just wish the food was cheaper. Dinner and drinks for five adults and two kids plus three desserts came to $147. Plan to spend about $20 per person. I think it's about worth it. I had an Alabama Sweet Smoothie (think Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in a glass), Fish and Chips (since it's Hawaii, the fish was mahi-mahi), and That Chocolate Thing (chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce in a mason jar. I loved the smoothie, the fish and chips were good, but I wasn't crazy about That Chocolate Thing. The restaurant is full of Forrest memorabilia, mostly stuff from Forrest's childhood. They did have a couple of costumes from the movie, most notably Jenny's wedding gown. I loved that the drinks and dessert menu was on ping pong paddle. Also, there was a stand on the table with two license-plate size signs -- "Run, Forrest, Run" for when you don't need a server, and "Stop, Forrest, Stop" when you want your server's attention. The restaurant had a gift shop and I couldn't resist getting a plush shrimp, which I firmly intend to put on my desk when I get back to work (which is this Monday, oh God...).

Today, everybody but Bobby (who was working) went to Aloha Stadium. The purpose of our mission was not to see a game but to check out the swap meet in the parking lot. Rows and rows of vendors. The most popular wares were Aloha shirts, shell jewelry, and t-shirts. I got gifts for Mark, firelion, and Rachel, and a couple of necklaces for myself.

On the way back, we stopped at a pictures and framing store, where I bought two matted prints -- Ko'olau Shadows by Gary Reed and "Na Pali Mist" (full moon shining on a beach with mountains in the background) by Roy Gonzalez Tabora. Yeah, I bought art. Maybe I actually am a grown up.

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