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On the way home from work last night, Mom told me that we had to pick up Dad at his work. Apparently, his orange-and-white '78 Chevy Blazer (known not-so-affectionately as the Beast) died. Dad thinks it may be critical, but he has to take it to a mechanic first. He said there was blue smoke coming out of the exhaust when he started it. Not good.

The three of us got home a little after 7. That's when my parents remembered that they had tickets for 42nd Street, and the show started at 8. So, they left me, Mark, and Patty to fend for ourselves.

I watched part of Hello, Dolly! until 9 then turned on Queer Eye. The show is still in reruns. I can't wait till the new episodes. Anyway, it was the episode with Steve, the fashion-challenged vj.

Steve (defending his ugly cardigan): "It's mohair."
Carson (looking at it in disgust): "No, it's just ... hair."

My favorite Carson moment, though, was when Steve's girlfriend told Carson that their apartment had only one clothes closet, and a rather small one at that. The shocked look on Carson's face was priceless.

Mom and Dad came home about 9:45, saying that they liked the show, but they had left early to beat the traffic. I think they would've stayed for the whole thing if they had truly liked it.

Today's Mark's birthday. He's 21, which is just plain scary.

Mom and Dad took today off. Dad's taking Mark and some of his friends to the local indoor shooting range. Is anyone surprised that I didn't want to go?

Tonight, Mark wants to have dinner at one of the casinos. This should be interesting.
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