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Saturday night, I went with Mom and Dad to my church's yearly dinner/auction fundraiser. $60 got me a seat at a table, two chicken breasts with some kind of sauce, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies, Death By Chocolate Mousse (not the real name, but damn it was good), a chance to bid silently on all sorts of stuff, and watch the first half of the oral auctions amusedly. $20 got me a chance at a 0.5 carat diamond (got a CZ instead). $7 got me a large decorated mug with packets of cocoa and hot cider and a box of chamomile tea (it's the thing I won in a silent auction). The shirt I wore shed gold glitter like Jareth on '70s Night.

(Speaking of His Royal Tightness, Entertainment Earth is selling another Jareth action figure, this one in his brown leather jacket outfit. I pre-ordered it, so maybe I'll have better luck with this one than when I pre-ordered the first one.)

Watched the Oscars last night up until 10:15. Loved Jon's jokes. Tilda's acceptance speech was totally out there, but I'm glad she won. I'm glad Marion won too -- she was great in A Good Year.
Tags: catholicism, labyrinth
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