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To do list for today (updated 8:39 PM)

My appointment was at 8 AM today. Ugh, I hate having them that early, but it leaves me the rest of the day to recover. I got there around 7:30. While I was waiting, I read my copy of The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams by Frederic Clement.

Before I started reading the book itself, the copyright page caught my eye. One part says, "First published in France in 1995 under the title Magasin Zinzin ou Aux Merveilles d'Alys by ipomee-albin michel." Yeah, the author's name was in lower case, like that poet e.e. cummings.

Lower on the page, it says:
"Cover design: Azi Rad
Text design: Jill Jacobson
Photographs: Vincent Tessier
Book Design: Frederic Clement in collaboration with Sabine Turpin
Translation: Emma Cole"

Okay, so if I've got this straight, ipomee-albin michel wrote the original book in French. Frederic Clement co-designed the English version, but his name is on the cover of the book where the author's name would be. Huh?

Does anyone know what the story is with the different authors? Oh, and can anyone translate the French title into English?

Anyway, I got as far into the book as the cherub's bell when the dental assistant called my name. After she did the usual x-rays and teeth-cleaning, the dentist came over and checked my teeth. It turns out that I need fillings, again, and I need to use this special, and expensive, fluoride toothpaste at night, plus fluoride mouthwash. My fillings are scheduled for January 27th. Fun. Check.

2. Update journal with the what happened yesterday, last night, and today. Check.

3. Work on my story. Check.

4. Get the mail. Check.

5. Watch a DVD or two. Check.

6. Send a reminder e-mail about the Green Awards to the Labyfic mailing list. Check.

7. Go to Albertson's and get the fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash, more floss, more Nutrasweet packets, and maybe some sugar-free cough drops. Tomorrow.