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I'm sick. I threw up in the shower, so no Mass for me tonight. I think it was the hard-boiled egg I had for dinner last night. Or maybe the SBD pizza I also had for dinner. So now I'm drinking lots and lots of Gatorade and hoping the Motrin takes away my headache soon.

Two good things. One, I'm reading a new book, Succubus in the City by Nina Harper. I love it. And what's not to love? The heroine has an lj account, uses LUSH bath stuff, and ... loves Ben & Jerry's Phish Food! *squee* If she were a BPAL addict too, I'd be worried the author was reading my mind. (Or at least my lj.)

Two, I got Season One of The Tudors yesterday. Saw the pilot last night. I think I'm in love. Not with any particular character (though Jeremy "Mr. Knightley" Northam's Sir Thomas Moore is great), but with the show in general. It's so ... raw. Just like it should be. My only complaint (so far) is that Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn't a redhead. I totally sympathise with Queen Katherine, and Princess Mary is adorable.