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I (finally) saw ROTK last night!

Mark, Patty, and I went to the 7:05 PM showing last night. Remind me never to see a 3+ hour movie that late when I have to work the next morning.

I especially wanted to get to the movie ontime because I really wanted to see the PoA trailer. Of course, it wasn't there. Figures. I did get to see trailers for The Mask sequel (no, Jim Carrey's not in it), The Butterfly Effect (not my kind of movie), and the Spider-Man sequel (that one's a maybe).

On to the movie. I thought Peter Jackson started the movie well -- Smeagol killing Deagol to get the ring, then his descent into madness. Heard somewhere that "Smeagol" and "Deagol" may have been alternate names for Cain and Abel. Makes sense.

It is almost unheard of for me to applaude a movie I'm seeing in the theater. The only other time I did it was when I (and everyone else) applauded at the end of Fellowship of the Ring. This time around, I applauded twice during the movie.

The first time was when Gandalf whacked Denethor upside the head with his staff. That has to be the funniest part of the movie.

The second time was when Eowyn killed the Witch King. Girl power! BTW -- why's he called the Witch King? And while we're on the subject, Mark drooled over his new armor, but I thought he looked better in FOTR.

Overall, I thought the movie was really good. Some of the battle scenes did seem excessively long, but I think that's because I kept worrying that one of the main characters would get hurt, killed, etc.

Speaking of which, I wish there had been more of Faramir. I really would've liked to see more scenes of him and Eowyn together. Since I'm not really interested in reading the book (I tried it with Fellowship of the Ring and even though I really admire Tolkien, I find his style unreadable), I'll try fanfic.

Did anyone else think Aragorn should've kept his hair down? And am I the only one who got an Elfquest flashback when he did put it up?

I will say that I was annoyed by the big climax. I'd heard that in the book, Sam throws the ring in the fire because Frodo won't. In this one, it falls in pretty much accidentally. Huh?

Oh, and it was both sad and appropriate that Gollum died getting the ring back.

I loved it that Merry and Pippin got to take part in the fight for Middle-Earth. And I can't believe how well Pippin sang. Heard Billy Boyd wrote that himself.

I know some people (including Mark -- "The movie wouldn't f--king end!" -- and Patty) thought the multiple endings were too much, too long, etc. I didn't have a problem with them -- with such a long movie and so many characters, there needed to be a good amount of time devoted to the resolution.

Speaking of the endings, I loved the look on Aragorn's face when Arwen surprises him at his coronation. I also loved Sam and Rosie's wedding, and how Bilbo saw his trip as another adventure.

I'm only going to say this once. If ROTK doesn't sweep the Golden Globes and the Oscars, I'm going to be very upset.
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