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Note to self: Do not buy any more Christmas-themed food in April, even though the expiration date is not until June. Starbucks' Dark Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino probably tasted a lot better in December.

Work did a shift bid today, so my TL, Jessi, called me this morning saying it was my turn. There were no 4x10 with Thursdays off left, so I got one with Wednesdays off. I've had that shift before, it's probably the best one of the 4x10s. I could've had it last time, but Thursdays off was more convenient. I'll be starting 15 minutes earlier than I do now, but ending at the same time, so I'll have a 45-minute lunch. Half an hour just isn't long enough. I could start 30 minutes early and have an hour-long lunch, but then I'd be working from open to close and that just would be bad for me mentally. Half an hour's not much of a difference, really, but literally working all day is too much. I think the new schedule starts in June, but I'm not positive. I'll find out tomorrow. Oh, and I love to know who took the last Thursday 4x10.

Did I mention I'm keeping a radio ratings diary from now until next Wednesday?
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