Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Dear NCIS writers,

After watching last night's episode, I've decided to bring a few things to your attention.

1. Get rid of Nikki. Three episodes is more than enough. I don't want her to be a permanent part of Gibbs' team. She is annoying. Yes, I did feel sorry for her and her brother, but too many minutes were wasted on her story.

2. Why is Jenny still gone? They proved that the CIA agent killed The Frog. Also, why did we not even hear of the Assistant Director of NCIS until the previous episode?

3. I saw the preview for next week's episode. You cannot kill Ziva. Killing the only female agent on Gibbs' team once was more than enough. Doing the same thing twice means you simply cannot think of anything better.

4. If you decide to not listen to me and still kill off Ziva, at least have her ask Tony out beforehand. Even a hint of TIVA before she's gone would be better than nothing.

No love,

Tags: ncis
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