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Yeah, I know, I haven't posted much (if anything) in the last few days. I have a reason for that.

It's been a hell of a week.

So last Friday, two of my coworkers (D. and A.) and I left work at 3:00 PM and went to OMA. Security was the usual PITA, but nothing too terrible. When we got to our gate, we were told our flight was already boarding, then it turned out our flight had actually been moved to the gate next door. *eyeroll* Had I known then that this was simply the first snafu of the day, I would've turned around and gone home. Blissfully ignorant, I boarded and found myself in a window seat towards the back. The next time I fly to either coast (or beyond), I swear I'm going business class (if I can afford it).

Anyway, I sat next to a very nice lady who was on her way to Louisville, KY for the Kentucky Derby. I asked her which horse she was cheering on, she said she wasn't going for the gambling. A client of hers offered her a ticket, so she went. (I hope she wasn't rooting for Eight Belles, but that's a can of worms I'm not in the mood to open.) I told her how the hotel was paying for our trip and she was happy and excited for me, and a little jealous. Very nice lady.

The weather at OMA was overcast with a little rain. By the time we got to MSP, it was dark and raining heavily. D. and A. went to check out Terminal M, which is MSP's mall section, while I watched the bags. I had two books with me, but the only one I read the whole trip was A Good Year by Peter Mayle (sp). Yeah, the Russel Crowe movie I like so much was based on it. The book's good. A few details were changed when the screenplay was written, but that's to be expected. A few plot points were simplified and the lead character aged a couple of decades so Crowe could play him. I probably would've liked the book better if I actually knew something about wine. All I know is that I hate drinking it, but I love reading about it. Go figure.

Our flight to LGA was supposed to leave at 6:58 PM. Because of weather delays, it was delayed until 8:30 PM. Bad but bearable. When it got closer to that time, we were told it was delayed again until 9:20 PM. There was a collective groan when that was announced. Now I know what my clients go through. When we finally boarded, I found that I was in a middle seat. The guy to my left was late 30s or early 40s (I'm so bad at guessing age sometimes), very nice, smelled great (I think I notice this sort of thing more these days), and didn't wear a wedding ring. He's in the recording industry. From what I could gather, he does mixing on albums. He was headed to NYC to work on the soundtrack for the Broadway revival of Gypsy. Wouldn't you know it, he's got a girlfriend. The seat to my right was unoccupied, so I had someplace to put my stuff instead of under the seat in front of me.

By the time we got into LGA, it was after 1 in the morning.

More to come!
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