Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

When we last left off, it was 1 AM on May 3 and D., A. and I were traipsing through LGA. At that point, with it being so late and us not seeing much of it, LGA just looked like a generic airport. Maybe someday I'll see more of it, but not that trip.

We had been told on Friday that a chauffered car would be waiting for us. Since our flight was delayed twice, we prayed that the driver had heard and was still waiting for us. Thank God, he was. Big bear of a guy, but definitely the teddy bear type. We were so grateful to see him that we had a group hug. He seemed very amused.

He lead us out to the sedan. I didn't notice what type of car it was, I just know it was black and looked very expensive, both inside and out. You can tell how tired I was by that time because what really impressed me was the glow-in-the-dark analog clock face in the dashboard. I'd never seen that before.

About 45 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel. I knew it was the right place since my TL and a few of my coworkers were smoking outside the front doors. They had been on a non-stop from OMA to EWR that was supposed to arrive around 4 hours before our originally scheduled arrival time, but due to a delay, they'd only arrived an hour before. My TL helped us get checked in then asked if we wanted to hang out with them or go to bed. I was totally running on fumes by that time (having been up since 4:15 AM Friday), so I went to bed.

More to come!
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