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I know, I know, my lj output has reduced to a trickle. See, work has been weird lately and I currently don't have Internet access at my new place. I need to call Cox about a landline and digital cable. I'd get their high-speed internet, but my comp is so old it can't support it. How old? Windows98 old. Yeah, I need a new one. But my apartment is soaking up all my spare monies, the sponge.

Okay, so my first night in the apartment was Sunday, May 11th. My place is next to the door to the parking lot. Unfortunately for me, I found out that night that most of my neighbors believe in letting the door shut on its own, which is very noisy. Especially at night.

If I'd had any brains at all, I would've arranged it so my first night was the day before. Having to find all the stuff I needed to be ready for work the next morning 1) was a royal pain and 2) took forever. Thank God I got up at 4:15 (the time I got up back home). Anyway, after my shower, I found a big wet spot on the carpet right in front of the door. The shower curtain had been closed (though admittedly not secured with the little suction cups on the sides), the door had been closed, and the tile floor in the bathroom itself had been dry. I was really annoyed but thought it was either some sort of fluke or there was a blocked drain somewhere and the water was backing up. I decided to soak up the water with towels and see if the same thing happened on Tuesday.

It did. It also happened on Wednesday. By this point, I was completely convinced it wasn't something I was doing (or not doing). So on my lunch break, I went over to the apartment office and spoke to Tracy, the assistant manager, who said she'd get maintenance to take a look. When I got back to the apartment after work that night, I found a note from maintenance saying to keep the shower curtain closed. Fine, whatever. Thursday, I used the little suction cups but the wet spot still formed. Friday, it happened again, so I told Michelle, the manager, about it. She said someone would come over again. No one ever did. Saturday, Mom and Dad came over to pick me up for Mass. Dad decided to try running the shower with the shower curtain pushed back. When he did that, we could see that water was running between the wall and the paint on the wall, making the paint bulge out. Mom and I went running to the office. Ater some back-and-forth between us and the maintenance guy (I swear he was blind), he and management finally agreed with us that there was a problem.

From Sunday to Tuesday, I had to go to my parents' house every evening to take a shower. I hate taking showers at night. My hair is oily. Taking a shower at night then sleeping for eight hours then going to work means that my hair is going to get oily halfway through the day instead of the end of the day. Thank God they got my shower fixed on Wednesday. The problem? An old O ring that needed to be replaced. There's currently a square hole on the other side of my bathroom wall, but a different maintenance guy assured me yesterday that he'd fix it today. He'd better.

Other than my problem plumbing, my biggest issued with my apartment is of my own making. My dining room looks like a cyclone hit it -- there's boxes of stuff that hasn't been touched since I moved in. But first, I need to tackle the closet. Those two are my projects for tonight.

Casually, I'll refer to my apartment as "home," but really, home is my parents' house. My apartment is simply where I eat, sleep, and shower. "Home is where the heart is," and my heart simply hasn't moved yet.

More on my trip to Long Island later.
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