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The Green Awards for Labyrinth Fanfiction™

*giggles* I can just hear all of you now. Most of you are probably going, "Huh?" and the rest of you are going, "Yeah! I love those!"

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain.

Waaaaay back in 1999, Alexa (firelion) and I decided that the Labyrinth fanfic mailing list we were on needed another set of awards. The list already had The Labyrinth Annual Storyteller Fanfic Awards™, but we thought those were both too restrictive (nominees had to be both finished and from the past year) and too few (the number of categories for those awards varies from 7 to 9).

So, we came up with our own awards. We called them the Green Awards for Labyrinth Fanfiction™ in honor of another mailing list that was all about giving Labyfic authors the recognition (and reviews) they deserve. Alexa and I saw the Green Awards™ as a Labyfic hybrid of mostly the Oscars™ and the MTV Movie Awards™. We had a blast coming up with categories.

The First Annual Green Awards™
Best Comedy
Best Romance
Best Action Story/Sequence
Best Suspense/Mystery
Best Short Story
Best Kiss (Taken straight from MTV.)
Best Couple (The equivalent of MTV's "Best Duo.")
Best Story Featuring Listians
Best Story Featuring Supporting Character(s)
Most Original Story
Best New Character
Best Villain (Another taken straight from MTV.)
Best Series (This one's actually more like the Emmy™.)
Best Poem
Best First Attempt Story
Best Unfinished Story
Best Sequel
Best Visitation
Best Evil Jareth Story
Best Adult Scene/Story (aka Best Smut)
Best Overall Story (The equivalent of "Best Picture.")
Best Author (The equivalent of "Best Director.")

For the first and, I believe, the second year of the awards, there was a Green Awards™ committee. Alexa was the Chairperson and I was the Public Relations person. We still hold those titles, but now the committee is just us, often with guest Listians helping us with award and website designs.

Back to that first year. We all hoped that the rest of the Listians would love our awards, and we knew that there would be competition from the Labyrinth Storyteller Awards™. We hoped that the list would accept more than one type of award, like how the movie industry has the Oscars™ and the Golden Globes™.

To get the Listians interested, we sent e-mails to the list with things like "Green Green Green Green Green Green Green Green" for our signatures and other teasers. One e-mail was made to look like a private message between committee members about the awards that was accidentally sent to the list. Unfortunately, this was all several computers ago, so I no longer have those original posts. Anyway, the listians were intrigued, and when we announced that nominations were open, they sent us a lot.

I don't remember exactly how many. At that time, I was just the PR person, sending announcements and reminders to the list. For the past couple of years, I've been the one who takes nominations and counts votes.

If I remember correctly, the only rule that we had the first year of the awards was that the nominations could be from any year. That rule still holds.

We usually accept nominations for a month, then the committee takes about a week to get everything set up, then we announce that voting is open. For the past few years, we've broken up the voting. Listians have a week to vote for five categories, and when that week is over, voting is closed on those five and opened for the next five.

Now comes the fun part. A week or so after voting is closed, we start the Green Awards™ Round Robin. Since we think of the Green Awards™ like the movie industry's big awards shows, we have the Round Robin take place at Jareth's castle. Alexa and I usually make like Joan and Melissa Rivers, asking Listians about their dates, etc. as they arrive. Everyone dresses to the nines. Alexa usually wears a green gown and I usually wear a peach one.

As far as dates go, most Listians take along either their rl significant others or their favorite fictional characters. One year, my date was Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. I have no idea who I'm taking this year, and I still haven't found a dress.

The RR usually lasts a week, then comes the ceremony. Alexa always emcees that. For the past few years, we've had it at our own chat room at the Green Awards™ site. We usually get a good turnout.

If you're wondering where Jareth is in all of this, he can usually be expected to cause mischief during the RR and sometimes shows up for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, I'll e-mail the list of winners to the Listians (not all of them can make it to the ceremony) and then Alexa and I sometimes send an after-party post.

Naturally, the categories have changed over the years.

The Second Annual Green Awards™
We had the same categories as in '99 and added four more.
Best Portrayal of Jareth
Best Portrayal of Sarah
Best Crossover
Best Collaboration

The Third Annual Green Awards™
We started with the categories from '00 but discontinued five.
Best New Character
Best Series
Best Suspense/Mystery
Best Sequel
Best Visitation

Then we added four new categories.
Best New Male Character
Best New Female Character
Best Listian Labyrinth Site
Labyrinth Spirit Award

The Fourth Annual Green Awards™
The categories were the same as in '01 but with two additions. We brought back Best Sequel (the Listians asked and we delivered) and added Best Cast of Characters (taken from the SAG Award™).

The Fifth Annual Green Awards™
The categories were the same as in '02.

The Sixth Annual Green Awards™
This year, we've pared down the list of categories. Last year had 27 categories, and we felt that was just too many. The categories still left are:

Best Comedy
Best Romance
Best Short Story
Best Story Featuring Supporting Characters
Best Portrayal of Jareth
Best Portrayal of Sarah
Best New Male Character
Best New Female Character
Best Villian
Best Poem
Best First Attempt
Best Adult Scene/Story
Best Crossover
Best Listian Labyrinth Site
Labyrinth Spirit Award
Best Overall Story
Best Author

I wonder what the categories will be next year.

Alexa has won quite a few awards over the years.
1999 Best Story Featuring Supporting Character(s) for The Mermaid Bride
1999 Best Story Featuring Listians for Listians in the Labyrinth
1999 Best New Character for Aeris from the Herald Tales
1999 Best Series for the Herald Tales
2000 Best Series for the Herald Tales
2000 Best Crossover for Truly Outrageous
2001 Best Portrayal of Sarah for Shade and Shadow
2001 Best Adult Scene/Story for A Herald in Betrayal
2001 Best Action Story/Sequence for For Love
2002 Best Collaboration for Threads of Fate, co-authored by The Fae Gatekeeper of Dreams

I've won a few too.
1999 Best Poem for Jareth Gave Me A Crystal
1999 Best First Attempt Story for My Date With Jareth
2001 Best New Female Character for Ronnie from No One Can Blame You
2003 Best Comedy for A Day in the Life of Jareth, co-authored by Rachel
2003 Best Short Story for A Day in the Life of Jareth
2003 Labyrinth Spirit Award

We're currently accepting nominations for this year's awards. Wish us luck.
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