Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Still not dead. Did call Cox yesterday and signed up for Digital Cable and Digital Phone. Getting it installed next week. With luck, I should be on the internet in my new place by next weekend. Sometime soon, I need to start shopping for a new computer. I want a PC that uses something other than Vista. My preference is an HP Pavilion (hey, you go with what you know).

Have been watching S1 of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman a lot lately. John Shea is H-O-T as Lex Luthor. I know, I usually don't fall for villains, but he's something else. Of course, I'd like him a lot better if he weren't so ruthless, but that goes with being a villain. Love Cat (who is dropped before S1 is even over) and Jimmy (the actor is replaced in S2). Some of Lois' clothes are extremely dated, but the rest are lovely. Speaking of lovely, Dean Cain had one of the best smiles on TV (second only to Michael Weatherly of NCIS).

Oh, lovely men on TV reminded me -- this fall, CBS has a drama called "Eleventh Hour," starring Rufus Sewell. *happy sigh*
Tags: apartment, crushes, dead shows
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