Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

I tried to post this yesterday but work was all kinds of insane.

The date? Sunday, June 8th.

The time? 2:29 AM.

The place? My bedroom.

A major thunderstorm woke me up. The wind was a high-pitched howl -- you'd think there was a banshee right outside my window. The tornado siren went off a couple of minutes later. I grabbed my alarm clock, my flashlight, and my radio, then went to the bathroom area and closed the bedroom door. The radio announcer said we were under a tornado warning until 3 AM. Being on the first floor, there really wasn't anywhere else I could go except in my "watercloset" (Mom's term -- small room with just a tub and a toilet, the bathroom sink is outside it). I didn't think that was necessary. The announcer and the head meterologist of one of the local TV stations were saying how everyone in the affected counties should seek shelter, etc. Once 3 came and went, they started getting reports of damage. The meteorologist was saying how the major intersection closest to me had 70+ mph winds. Yeah, I could've told them that. It was believed that a tornado touched down at the little airstrip a mile from me (give or take a few yards) and that one of the stores in the area had its roof torn off. The radio announcer kept telling people to stay at home if they had no real reason to be outside. I swear, this town is full of rubbernecking hicks. I finally went back to bed after 4:30 AM.

Thankfully, the only problems I had is that the wind played havoc on my patio. The welcome mat and the patio chairs were flipped over (thankfully both chairs are tied down), the plant stand was moved about a foot, and my potted plant was in the next yard. Unfortunately, the plant came out of the pot and the pot is still missing. Dad got me a new on at Wal-Mart Sunday evening but it's too small for the plant. I'll have to get another one.

If I could afford it, I'd move away from Tornado Alley.
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