Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,


So last week, I called Cox and set up an appointment for tomorrow for my cable and phone to be installed. I'm off tomorrow, so it was perfect.

At 10 AM, my cell rang while I was on the phone with a client. I put the client on hold and answered my cell. Who was on the other end?

A Cox tech.

At my apartment.

Wondering where I was.

I explained to him that my appointment was for tomorrow and I was currently at work. He said the appointment was set up for today. I told him I'll call Cox.

When I called Cox, the agent said that the appointment was scheduled for today. I said that the previous agent scheduled it for the wrong day. Then she said that the only opening now is for Saturday.

So now my plans for tomorrow and Saturday are completely screwed up just because some agent put in the wrong day.

Note to self: Call Cox on Friday to check appointment time, because for all I know, this agent could've screwed it up too.
Tags: apartment
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