Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Bought Season 1 of Dexter Saturday. Finished the season by Sunday night (only 12 episodes a season, you can tell it's a Showtime series). I can sum the show up in one word:


Still, some morbid part of me is fascinated by it. I'm hoping someone, probably Doakes, will catch Dexter eventually. Harry did Dexter a great disservice by enabling him instead of getting the poor kid into therapy. I wish Deb didn't swear so much, and she definitely needs volumizing shampoo. I find it hilarious that Doakes and Rita, two people who don't want anything to do with blood, are played by actors who were vampires on previous shows (Kindred: The Embraced and Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, respectively).

And call me nuts, but Rudy looks like Cillian Murphy, if Cillian were a heroin addict. Dude seriously needs a few homecooked meals. Still, he's attractive (and I love his voice). If Neil Gaiman were to ever make a Sandman movie, this guy would be my first pick for Dream.
Tags: crushes
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