Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

That? Was depressing. Between Rachel dying and Batman being blamed for Two-Face's crimes, I did not leave with a good feeling. Wow, all of Bruce's love interests either last for one movie or get killed off in the sequel. The next one better watch her back. Did like Two-Face's look, which I'm convinced was CGI instead of actual make-up. Reminded me of Darkman, but more graphic. Heath's Joker blew Jack's Joker out of the water. Loved the disappearing pencil trick and his maniacal laugh. Still creepy, though. I don't get it -- Bruce is a billionaire, yet Wayne Manor still isn't done three years later? I was actually sad when the Batmobile wrecked, but the Batcycle was cool. And Batman recycles! Who'd've thunk it? Man, if Lucius or Alfred had died, I would've walked. Gordon faking his death was bad enough. Another thing I don't get -- Bruce said he wanted to move his head with the mask on, yet I don't remember him doing that at all. Maybe it happened too fast for me to catch it.

Also saw the two Fantastic Four movies yesterday. Those were great.
Tags: movie reviews
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