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*mutters* Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

This time last year, I was getting ready for Robert and Lindsey's wedding. They got married on March 15th. The wedding was at her church and it had all the trimmings. They'd been engaged for about 15 months and had plenty of time to organize things.

Mark and Patty are getting married March 9th, less than two months away. I don't know exactly when they got engaged, but it was early in '03. Anyway, here's where we are at the moment.

Location -- A historic church in Olde Towne Bellevue.

Officiant -- I believe it's still a toss up between a justice of the peace and this minister Patty knows.

Invitations -- I believe they were ordered but they haven't come in yet. Aren't wedding invites usually mailed out two months in advance?

Photographer -- Picked out and they've paid for the package they wanted.

Rehearsal dinner -- The Olive Garden Laurie used to work at.

Reception -- Holiday Inn in Omaha. I think everything's pretty much done as far as arranging that goes.

Wedding gown -- The first thing Patty bought, and that was early in '03.

Wedding party -- Wasn't finalized until this weekend. Patty will have her sister-in-law Christie as her matron of honor and Lindsey, Alisa, and I will be bridesmaids. Though, technically, wouldn't Lindsey be a bridesmatron? :-) On Mark's side, Robert's the best man, and Cullum, Patty's brother Charles, and Patty's friend Scott will be groomsmen. Patty asked my dad to escort her down the aisle since she is not on speaking terms with her own father.

Bridesmaid/Matron of honor dresses -- Patty knows what she wants, but we haven't even bought the dresses yet, much less had alterations done. There is so not enough time.

Tuxes -- Picked out. Not all of the men in the wedding party have been to fittings.

Flowers -- Picked out. Patty's insisting on silk flowers. She still has to buy and arrange them.

Honeymoon -- All I know is that Mark and Patty are getting a free stay at the Holiday Inn for their wedding night. After that, I have no idea.

Rings -- Patty's wearing my grandmother's engagement ring. They have bought their wedding rings.

Transportation -- Mark and Patty have mentioned a limo. I don't know if it's already arranged and I don't know who will be riding in it.

Bridal shower -- No one's mentioned that. It's really Christie's responsibility, so I'll leave that to her.

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties -- No one's mentioned those either. Again, I'll leave those to Robert and Christie.

The part that really irritates me is the bridesmaid dresses. Patty wasn't part of Lindsey's wedding party, though I think she was for Charles and Christie's wedding. Did she forget how long it takes to get a bridesmaid dress?
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