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Came home last night to find a notice on the front door of the building stating that Management would be around to do an inspection sometime this week, starting today. Cue panicking, mainly because my bedroom looked like a cyclone hit it.

Guess what I did for several hours this morning, after getting up at 5 AM on my day off.


Still on my productive streak, I went to Payless Shoes. They're having a BOGO sale (again), so I got two pairs of sneakers (one black, one brown) and two purses (one brown, one brown plaid). Then I went to Baker's, where I got refrigerated cookie dough, a cooling rack (my Pampered Chef one is still at Mom and Dad's), and Iron Man to celebrate getting my place clean in record time. Seriously, it (esp. my bedroom) hasn't been this clean since I moved in. Came home, had lunch, then baked Pillsbury sugar cookies with chocolate Halloween cats. Mmm...

Just so you know, Lipton's Orange, Passionfruit & Jasmine Green Tea is so good, it's decadent.

Oh, thank you, America, for joining me in sending Kim K. home from Dancing With The Stars. Now all we have to do is send Cloris home next week and things will really get interesting.
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