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*sings* Oh, the weather outside looks frightful...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
I had promised Rachel the night before that I'd meet her online at 11 AM.

I woke up at 10:50, mainly because I forgot to set my alarm. It took me half an hour to have brunch then read part of the paper. Dad told me that we were expected to get 5 - 6" of snow. After that, I went online.

At 12:45, Patty knocks on my door and announces that we're going to look for bridesmaid dresses and I had better get ready. I can't tell you how irritated I was that she informed me at the last minute. I know she's pressed for time, but she could be a little more considerate. I reminded her about the forecast, and she said the expected snowfall was now 2 - 3".

Patty and I left the house around 1:30, picked up Christie and Rosalyn at their apartment, then picked up Alisa at her house, dropped off Rosalyn at Laurie's, then went to David's Bridal.

As usual, the store was crowded. They were having one of their quarterly sales. Anyway, Patty had us look for dresses that came in navy blue and/or hunter green and were in a style the three of us attendants agreed on. (Lindsey was working, but she said she'd go along with whatever we decided.) We tried on three dresses -- two Empire waist and one ballgown. We couldn't get a unanimous vote on any of them.

We left there and tried looking at two other bridal shops, but they were both closed. One of them had the coolest window display -- it was a groom carrying a bride over the threshold. The groom had a Phantom of the Opera mask on, so he was Erik and the bride was Christine. Don't you just love it?

After that, we went to the mall and tried Younkers, Dillards, and Sears, but they didn't have anything that we liked, so we just went home.

It had been snowing steadily the whole time we were out, btw.

It was just 7:00 when Patty and I got into the house, so I immediately turned on the Golden Globes™ ceremony. I watched the first 45 minutes of it before I went online.

My little Globes™ recap
Best Actor, Drama Series: William Petersen of CSI (one of the few prime-time shows I still follow) lost to Anthony LaPaglia of Without A Trace.

Best Drama Series: CSI lost to 24.

Best Original Song: "Into The West" from LOTR: ROTK won!

Best Original Score: LOTR: ROTK wins again!

Best Screenplay: Sofia Coppola won for Lost In Translation. Everybody and their brother is talking about that movie. It comes out on DVD soon, so I'm thinking of renting it.

Best Director: Peter Jackson wins for LOTR: ROTK! Was there any doubt?

Best Actor, Musical or Comedy: Johnny Depp of Pirates of the Caribbean lost to Bill Murray of Lost In Translation. Is anyone else going, "Huh?" LiT must be a damn good movie.

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Finding Nemo lost to Lost In Translation. Like I said, that must be the movie to see.

Best Motion Picture, Drama: LOTR: ROTK wins!!! Hollywood is finally taking fantasy movies seriously.

I know, I know, there were other awards given out last night, but I wasn't interested in them.

That 2 - 3" turned into 10 - 12". All the schools in the area are closed, plus the local Air Force base. Amazingly, I made it to work.

Mom, lucky her, is in San Antonio this week, enjoying 72 degree weather while we're stuck here in the Arctic Circle. *sigh*

Lindsey's due today, but God knows when Reilly will arrive. He's already taking after his parents -- late for everything.
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