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Found out this week it's too damn hard to watch more than two shows that are on simultaneously. You'd think I'd've known that. So, Breaking the Magician's Code: The Series will not be on my list of shows to watch until DWTS is over (which I think is late next month). Speaking of DWTS, ABC moved the results show Tuesday back an hour because of the debate, so I watched NCIS instead (not that anyone got voted off this week since Misty had to drop out). Heard Rocco got the least amount of votes, so I think I'll give all of mine to him next week.

Finally watched Arabian Nights yesterday. I can't even tell you how long the DVD was just sitting there. Anyway, I watched it in anticipation of Eleventh Hour, which starts at 9 PM Central on CBS tonight. Oh, Rufus Sewell... *fans self*