Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Forgot to mention that my 9-year work anniversary was last Thursday. Nine years. I was just a little 21-year-old, didn't know anything. Not that I know much now. :-)

Saw the first hour of DWTS yesterday. Cloris is getting better but she still needs to go, which is why I gave all 9 of my votes to Rocco. I don't like Corky either, so I hope they don't ask him back.

Note to self: Your brown sneakers are not the shoes to wear when it's raining. Too many seams for water to get through. At least if the brown spots on your socks don't come out, no one'll see them.

Also, self, if you don't find a good costume at Nobbies, you need to order one ASAP.
Tags: dwts, notes
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