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NCIS kicked ass. I loved how psyched Tony was about the possibility of going to Gibbs' hometown. And how Gibbs' dad Jack was so smitten with Ziva and Abby. Both those women need that sort of attention, I just wish Tony and Gibbs would see that. I'm glad Gibbs made up with his father. And how cute were Young!Gibbs and Young!Shannon, especially the part about Shannon's rules.

DWTS was good right up until Rocco got voted off. This is the second male celeb I've given multiple votes to that was sent home. America, you gotta let Cloris go.

Every year, my office does a team-decorating contest for Halloween. Guess who's in charge of my team's entry this year. Good guess. I went to Nobbies (year-long party store that specializes in Halloween) yesterday afternoon. Place was pretty crowded. The front of the store is what I'd call Mom's Halloween -- mostly Halloween party decorations (crepe paper, napkins, etc. Harmless stuff). The back of the store had the costumes and creepy decorations. It gave me plenty of ideas.

Didn't watch any TV last night. I read a few books instead. The one I gave up on isn't worth talking about, but the one I'm still reading (Kerrelyn Sparks' The Undead Next Door) is pretty good.

Today, I'm eagerly anticipating Eleventh Hour. *sighs dreamily over Rufus*