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Don Cheadle is replacing Terrence Howard as Col. James Rhodes in Iron Man II. Apparently, Terrence wanted too much money. I know next to nothing about how the character is in the comic books, but isn't Don (who I loved in the Ocean's Eleven series) a little too old?

Brad Pitt is going to star in an adaptation of The Odyssey. Why does that not fill me with Greek myth-geek glee? Because it's set in outer space. *headdesk* Well, at least there's some chance of the Greek gods and monsters being in this movie in one form or another, unlike his last Ancient Greek movie. Still, I seriously doubt he'll be anywhere near as good an Odysseus as Armand Assante was. Or even Sean Bean.

*poke* Hey, writers? Stop stealing ideas from The Name of the Rose (the poisoned book) and CSI: Original Flavor (murderous child, which they already have done to death (sorry)). Also, make up your minds as to whether Jacob is a specialist or a Renaissance Man -- we've seen/heard of three areas of expertise already (cloning, cosmology, and poisons), and that was only the second episode. I did like that the kid was killing to improve his school's standing (it's very original), but wouldn't it have been a little more realistic for that to be a parent's motive? If you keep this up, this show is so not lasting a full season.

First, let me say that wasn't Kate who sabotaged the Oracle. The writers just want us to think it was. And if it was her, I'll be pissed since it means that annoying little so-and-so Phoebe is right. Oh, and writers, Phoebe's female, so that makes her a Titaness, not a Titan. But since they, while considered a separate race from the Olympians, were not reincarnated again and again after they died, I probably shouldn't expect you to know the difference between a Titan and a Titaness anyway. And where was Ray? His presence would've made up for too much Phoebe. Speaking of her (again), I can't believe a Titaness and the god of strength couldn't put out one fire. Why did she light that candle anyway? At least a good Danny/Kate moment came out of it. Loved the couple du jour, even though she was obviously a Lindsey-Paris-Britney clone.

I hate to say it, but I love Valentine more than Eleventh Hour, so if one of them is cancelled, it hope it's Eleventh Hour. At least Rufus would still have his movie career.
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