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Oct. 24th, 2008

But since I'm rarely this coordinated, I decided I'll post what I'm wearing. Starting from the bottom, I'm wearing my brown canvas and suede sneakers, my brown jeans, my black Halloween long-sleeved tee and my spider necklace. The tee I got from Cracker Barrel (they have the best holiday shirts). It's pumpkins and spiderwebs haunted houses and copper rhinestone things on the words "Happy Halloween" and very cute. The necklace is a black suede cord with an "antiqued gold" spider with black and clear rhinestones on its body. Underneath the necklace, I'm wearing The Twisted Oak Tree. I've gotten a few compliments already. :-)

My apartment might be inspected today (the real inspection, as opposed to the pre-inspection that was (maybe) done on in the beginning of the month), so I spent most of last night and part of Wednesday cleaning. I had Eleventh Hour on last night, but was only half-watching. The episode struck me as being very early-House, what with multiple people becoming mysteriously ill because of something they ate. And I'm starting to get what some fans on the TWoP forum are saying about the lighting -- Jacob's face is almost always in at least half-shadow. Of the parts I saw of this episode, the only time his face wasn't in shadow was when he was outside ... and the sky was overcast. I don't know if the lighting's supposed to be symbolic or just the director's taste.

I can't believe Toni was voted off. It should've been Cloris, darn it! I do not want to see her doing hip-hop in Monday's group dance. I guess all the fans either voted for the high-scoring couples, or did like I did and tried to save the low-scorers. Too bad middle-of-the-pack Toni was left out. She had even said her heart was improving. Oh well. Maybe I'll give all my votes to Susan next time.

For some reason that's probably all my fault, I couldn't get into Tuesday's NCIS episode. Oh well, at least Fornell was on again. But you'd think he'd know not to keep something from Gibbs. The preview for next week's worries me -- a serial killer might be going after Abby. If she gets killed off, I'm going to stop watching. You know, she's the only female character left from Season 1.

When I wasn't cleaning Wednesday, I was reading Nora Roberts' Blue Dahlia, Book 1 of her In The Garden trilogy. Damn good book. 300+ pages, and I finished it in one day. I think that might be a personal best. Multiple romances, a ghost, flowers, Marvel comics, Memphis (two characters go to Graceland, and there's two shout-outs to the Peabody duck walk), and I'm having a grand time casting some of my favorite actors and TV personalities in the roles.