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I so thought Palmer was the killer, especially when he gleefully said, "This never gets old" while he was cutting into the first victim, and how excited he was that the brain was gone. Ick. My mind went straight to Egyptology as soon as Ducky said the brain was taken out through the nose. Cool in a history buff sense, but still, ick. I'm so glad Abby didn't die. You know the commercials showed the possibility just to get more people to watch. Wasn't exactly comfortable with the image of a statue of Mary weeping blood, and then the music video guy doing the same thing. I think the writers could've done something else. I've already forgotten what the preview for the Nov 11 episode showed. I have heard that Michelle is supposed to show up again in November. Just in time for sweeps month. I'm going to make a prediction for this season -- either Palmer is a bad, bad person, or he's going to be somebody's victim. Either way, Ducky'll be doing his autopsy, probably during the season finale.

Thank you, America, for finally sending Cloris home. She took it well -- she gave a graceful exit interview (except for the sitting down part, but she is 82) and it would be nice to see her in the front row cheering on the others. It was a little weird to hear about Julianne's condition from Cody (she's got through the apendectomy okay, now she's resting at home) instead of from her brother Derek, but I guess the producers did it that way because Cody's her partner and Derek's one of their rivals. Next week, there'll be couples dances and team dances. Huh? Susan's still too stiff, in her head, whatever. $10 says she's going next.
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