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Happy Halloween, everybody

Note to self: You knew it was going to be warm yesterday, so you have no one to blame but yourself for wearing black velvet. Next year, change your plans to match the weather.

So yesterday morning, my TL asked if I was going to the office's Halloween kids' party last night. I said I wasn't planning to, but she said that if I wanted, I could sit at her desk and hand out candy to the kids who came by. I didn't have any better plans (I'd heard last night's Eleventh Hour was going to be about autistic kids and I knew I wouldn't be comfortable watching that), so I said I would.

During the afternoon, some clients and vendors came around to judge the team decorations. I won't keep you in suspense -- First Place went to the team that decorated their area like a casino, complete with computer monitors made to look like slot machines, and a stage with "Celine Dion." Second Place went to "The Henry Dorky Zoo" (Omaha's zoo is the Henry Doorly Zoo) -- the two teams who take up the middle section of the second floor got together and did their version of the zoo, complete with Free Parking, Concession Stand, Aviary, etc. To be honest, it's my favorite of all the teams.

On my lunch break, I went home and grabbed a pair of jeans and my black long-sleeved Halloween tee then carried them back to work, the idea being that I would change after work and just chill at the office until the party started. Well, I got so warm in all that black velvet that I changed during my afternoon break.

Amazingly, I got out on time last night, so I went home, picked up my mail, then had a bagel and cream cheese for dinner before heading back to work. It was about 6:45 when I got back in and the party was scheduled for 7. I straightened up the chairs then got my Halloween CD started. My tl, her husband, and their kids came soon after. Her eldest, a thirteen-year-old girl, didn't dress up, but she seemed to have a good time with the other kids. The middle child, a girl who's (I think) 7 or 8, was a hula dancer (at least she was comfortable) and the youngest, a five-year-old boy, was a ninja. Absolutely adorable, all three of them. One of my teammate's sons was Scooby-Doo and the other was Shaggy. One of my coworkers was Fiona and her husband was Shrek, complete with ogre ears and green facepaint. There were at least three Hannah Montanas, two Indiana Joneses, an Optimus Prime, another Transformer that I think was Bumblebee (the kid wasn't wearing his mask when I saw him), a robot, a handful of vampires (including a chubby little toddler who was beyond adorable), at least two Screams, a few witches, an adorable dalmation puppy, and one of the office managers was a pregnant nun, and her chihuahua wore a pig costume. There was cupcake decorating and a bunch of games for the kids. All of the kids were given ballots to vote for the Kids' Choice. My coworker told Scooby-Doo and Shaggy that they'd have to walk home if they didn't vote for our team. :-) My tl's middle kid decorated a cupcake for me. Such a sweetheart. Around 8, things were winding down. My tl and her family decided to head back home, and I decided that was a good idea.

I assume they'll announce the Kids' Choice winner today.

When I was 18, I registered to vote as an independent. At the time, I didn't feel an affiliation to either major party, I just knew I was a conservative. Dad has, as far as I know, always been a Republican. Mom grew up in a neighborhood that was IrishCatholicDemocrat (yeah, one word), but she switched to Republican in the '80s because the Democratic party "changed." Dad likes to say he converted her. :-) In all of the elections I've voted in, I've voted Republican as much as possible. Earlier this month, I changed my registration to Republican. I feel that the Republican Party embodies more of my own stands on most issues than the Democratic Party.

Today, I filled out and mailed my absentee ballot (I don't have an easy way to get to the polling place). I voted for McCain (though I wish I could vote for him without voting for Palin) for President, Lee Terry for Congress, and Mike Johanns for Senate. As an aside, I can't believe I had to pay $1.00 in postage (well, technically I paid $1.26 since I used three 42¢ stamps) just to mail it back. Oh, and why did they bother putting "Do Not Fold" on the return envelope when they didn't bother to put it on the outside one? The mailman folded it to make it fit in my mailbox. I hope they'll still accept it. Of course, I have no way of knowing if they don't. Since I'm off Wednesday, I plan to stay up late Tuesday night to see the results.
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