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Dear Undertaker,

Mark, Mark, Mark. You know that whole Minstry of Darkness fiasco from a few years ago? Yeah, that annoyed me, but I decided the "satanic" part was a matter of interpretation. I knew you'd get over that phase eventually.

But this time? Someone has gone too far. I don't know if it's you or someone else who designs what you wear in the ring, but the tights you wore tonight (technically Tuesday, which was when tonight's Smackdown was taped) were an insult to Catholicism. The devil head on one leg didn't bother me, but the rosary with the devil head in place of a medallion and what I believe is your symbol in place of the crucifix is something I can't ignore. You need to get rid of that design.

Mark, I've been a Creature of the Night since 1991. I know I haven't tuned in every week, but you've always been #1 to me. Don't make me give up on you altogether over something as stupid as a pair of tights.

Hoping you'll come to your senses,


(To be honest, the tights were the second thing I noticed tonight. The first is that he removed Sara's name from his neck. I just found out on IMDb that they're divorced.)
Tags: catholicism, wwe
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