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Didn't watch any RAW last night -- watched DWTS then was so exhausted that I went to bed as soon as it was over. Long day and I think I'm ill. I do plan on watching Smackdown Friday, and if 'Taker's still wearing those insulting tights, I may have to email the WWE.

I liked Susan's individual dance, but she's still too stiff. And I agree with the judges -- Team Cha Cha wasn't as good as Team Paso Doble. Oh, and I was absolutely drooling over Team Paso's dresses. Gorgeous shade of blue, sparkly, flowy... *melts* I gave all 6 of my votes to Cody since he had to work with a substitute partner on two dances. Either he or Susan is going home tomorrow night, and I'd rather see Susan go.

From the sound of things, ABC is broadcasting tonight's results from Rockefeller Center (sorry, Democracy Plaza) again. Since that's what I watched in '04, I'll do it again this year. Traditions are good things. I'm wearing a (Republican) red t-shirt (it's supposed to be 73° today) and Starlight Starbright (the necklace Melissa made for me). I feel very patriotic. :-)

Go vote if you haven't already.