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Congratulations, Democrats, on winning the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch of the federal government. From what I understand, President Barack Obama may have the chance to elect three judges to the Supreme Court, so that will give you a better standing in the Judicial Branch as well. Use the power wisely.

My fellow Republicans, all I can say is that we need to focus on 2010 and especially 2012.

Both President-Elect Obama and Senator John McCain gave very gracious and classy speeches last night. I hope they'll do as they promise and try to work together.

I am so damn glad I voted early since I didn't get out of work until an hour late last night. I watched ABC once I got home (they were broadcasting from Times Square last night instead) then watched some of Dirty Jobs. (I couldn't really get into it since Mike was competing with my dishwasher for my aural attention. I planned on watching the rerun at midnight, but I forgot and was in bed by then.) 10 PM, ABC said that Obama had more than enough electoral votes to win. I called Mom and Dad. Mom basically said the country's going to hell in a handbasket. I stayed up long enough to see both McCain's and Obama's speeches, then went to bed.

According to Fox News, some Republicans are thinking about Palin running in 2012. God help us. She can run, but she certainly won't get my vote.

Since today is the 5th of November, I plan on watching V for Vendetta later and am wearing Bonfire Night. I smell like I tried to drown my Republican sorrows with a beer while sitting next to a roaring fire. This is why I only wear this scent once a year.
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