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Brooke & Derek's jive was awful -- Brooke seemed really stiff or something. Afterwards, she said she missed the first step and struggled to catch up. Their salsa had at least three lifts -- big no-no's this year. Of course Carrie Ann would catch them. Cody & Julianne's paso doble was good, but it seemed like Cody kept missing the spins. Or maybe it just seemed that way 'cause I've seen too much pairs figure skating. I loved that Warren & Kym chose "Tequila" for their mambo. It was okay, but their jitterbug was lacking something. Probably content. Meanwhile, Lance & Lacey totally ruled. Not only were they the best dancers, they were the highest scorers (no, those two things don't automatically go together), and they had the best costumes. I especially love Lacey's dress from their mambo -- she looked like she had been to a bridal shower and was wearing the ribbons from the gifts. But in a good way. Their jitterbug was cute, and I loved that they dedicated it to Lance's grandfather. I gave them all my online votes. It looks like abc.com screwed up, since they let me vote five times but there are only four couples left. I'm positive Brooke & Derek and Warren & Kym will go on to the finals. I'm okay with that. But if Cody & Julianne beat out Lance & Lacey for the third spot, I swear I'll split my votes between Brooke and Warren just to spite Cody's fans. But, since Lance & Lacey got the highest score last night, I seriously doubt they'll be the ones to leave.

Yesterday, I opened a box of Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea to find, to my utter delight, a packet of two bags of Raspberry Gardens Green Tea. I just drank a cup and wow... Heaven. Complete heaven. Of course, I don't know if I should use the second bag now or save it. Decisions, decisions.

Came home last night to find my mailbox wide open and empty. Now I have to call the post office and complain. This is the second time this has happened in as many months. The last time, it was full of magazines and catalogs, so I can understand the mailman not noticing that it didn't close all the way. But this time there was absolutely nothing in it. Naturally, I'm worried that there had been mail but somebody stole it. What's the point of having a locked mailbox if the mailman leaves it open?
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