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firelion, I got them! They're gorgeous! Thank you!!! I'll show them to my tl tomorrow and Dad on Saturday.

Um, I want to believe Michelle. I do. But like the Director said (and I really can't believe I'm agreeing with him on something), this is just the kind of sob story that would get to Gibbs. Still, good for Gibbs for wanting to help her. Let's hope that decision doesn't come back to bite him in the ass. Loved McGee kissing Abby on the cheek. I may be a GABBY shipper first and foremost, but even I can admit McABBY is cute. And canon, which GABBY will probably never be, unfortunately. Hate, hate, HATE the SecNav. Ass. I do love the "guy with the highest ranking officer coin gets free drinks" tradition. Never heard of it before, but it's cute. I wonder if the Air Force has officer coins. I'll have to ask Dad. Am I the only one who thought Tony and Ziva were going to kiss? Those two really need to start dating. Rules, schmules. (Yeah, I'm a TIVA shipper too.)

I'm glad Cody & Julianne went home. It was Cody's time. Julianne has a really nice singing voice (that doesn't sound anything like her speaking voice). Not my cup of tea, so I won't get her CD. Wow, Maks and Karina were absolutely smokin' during their dance. Are they a couple? Must find out. So the final three are Brooke, Warren, and Lance. Honestly? I can't even guess who's going to win, but I bet it's whoever has the highest score Monday night. Oh, speaking of high scorers, why was there no encore? Lance & Lacey finally get to the top of the leaderboard and only now do the producers not have an encore performance? WTF? Conspiracy!

I'm embarrassed to admit that my open mailbox Monday was apparently my fault -- it looks like I forgot to lock it after I got my mail. Ooops. At least I figured that out before I actually filed a complaint.

Oh, no Christmas carols today -- I'm satisfying my craving for Josh. Well, his voice anyway.
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