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Nothing but disappointments yesterday.

First, last night's episode of NCIS ("Dagger") was pre-empted here due to a college basketball game. When did the local CBS affiliate decide to air it? 2:00 AM this morning. Since I had an early dentist appointment, there was no way I could've stayed up to see it. My parents don't have a DVR, so they tried to program the VCR. Tried being the operative word. For some reason, their VCR thinks it's still 2007, so trying to tape something that happens in 2008 won't work. Have to find out what happened.

Then, Lance came in third on Dancing With The Stars. At least he got to the finals. The next season starts in March. I hope for at least five people to root for and lots of eye candy. Oh, and no Corky Ballas.

At least the dentist appointment went well -- no cavities (for once).

Didn't do anything today except hang out with Mark. I swear, when we're both in the right mood, we can talk for hours. (We're both Capricorns -- we either get along swimmingly or we can't stand each other.)

Note to self: Decide on what birthday present to ask Mom and Dad for and email wishlist to Bobby and Linds.

Hey firelion, if you still need an idea for me, I'd love a Half-Price Books giftcard.
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