Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Mater is kicking my butt. If I don't go blind from making tiny little x's, I'll go nuts from having to change colors so often. At my current rate, I'll have it done by Kalob's birthday ... next year.

Saw Shrek the Halls last night. It's finally coming out on DVD, but I think I'll pass -- I'm sure it'll be on again next year (they showed it twice last year), and who wants to buy a DVD that's only half an hour long? Still, it's a cute movie.

Finally started watching RAW again -- haven't seen it since the first or second week of DWTS. Was glad to see Stephanie McMahon again, and she looks great with glasses. It's interesting that there are now women in charge of both RAW and Smackdown. Girl power!!! There was a commerical for Smackdown coming here in January, but I'll safely skip that (no monies for tickets and no one else I know is interested). I'll see more on TV than I will at the Qwest anyway.
Tags: crafts, family, wwe
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