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"Christmas Vacation! Christmas Vacation!

We're so glad it's Christmas Vacation!"


Okay, so technically, it's not Christmas vacation since I work Christmas Week, but I'm off this week and next, so this is my Christmas Vacation. Or maybe I should call this my Christmas "Staycation" since I'm staying home.

I have lots of plans for this fortnight, but today's plan is to clean my apartment. It's a big job, so I've made a list, dividing it up by rooms. Yes, I have a small one-bedroom apartment, but it still a lot to clean.

I plan on listening to Chirstmas carols while I work. My station, KOOO 101.9, isn't playing any this year (when they changed hands last year, I wondered if this would happen), but Star 104.5 is, so I'll listen to them. Good thing for KOOO that I'm not doing the radio ratings thing right now.

Once again spent the weekend working on Mater while I watched Christmas-themed TV movies. Finally saw all of Mr. St. Nick on Lifetime yesterday. Very good movie. Kelsey Grammer makes for a very good Santa. Want the DVD ASAP. Mater's coming along. I hope to have him done by Wednesday then hopefully get him framed this weekend. I've also watched the first two parts of the A&E/BBC production of The Scarlet Pimpernel (with Richard E. Grant as Sir Percy *swoon*) and Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt while I worked on him. Nothing like watching my various crushes as I stitch away.

It's supposed to snow sometime today. From the looks of the weather report, it'll be right around drive time tonight. I'm so glad I don't have to go anywhere today. If the roads and sidewalks are decent tomorrow, I was thinking of going to Hallmark to get more ornaments for my mini Christmas tree.

Have I mentioned that this year, Fontanini has come out with a figurine of King Herod? Pardon my abbreviation, but WTF?! King Herod tried to have Baby Jesus killed (and succeeded with the Holy Innocents), and they think it's appropriate to have him as part of a Nativity Scene? I'm trying to think of what could be as inappropriate, but I'm drawing a blank. I'm positive St. Francis is not happy about this.
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