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Note to self: Breathing and swallowing at the same time only works for newborns. Drink the CS Raspberry Gardens Green Tea, don't inhale it.

Spent most of last night watching Episodes 1-4ish of Beauty and the Beast while I worked on Mater. Great show, but if I see that large houndstooth-print blazer with the giant shoulderpads on Catherine one more time, I'm going to go back in time, steal it right off her back, then burn it. I have the soundtrack to the show, I should listen to it more.

Didn't watch NCIS last night 'cause it wasn't on. Not even a rerun. There was either an informercial or a telethon on CBS, couldn't tell which one since I didn't watch it. Grr...

Got one of those spiral energy-saving light bulbs at Office Depot today. The package says it'll last 5 years, assuming I use it 4 hours a day. Unlike the ones that Dad has, this one doesn't slowly become brighter when it's first turned on. I seriously doubt it'll last five years since I can pretty much guarantee I'll use it longer than 4 hours most days. Maybe 3.5 or 4 years. Still, it was around $5 and it's only 13 watts but gives out as much light as the 60 watt I was using before.

Yes, I just did a whole paragraph about a lightbulb.

I've been watching a lot of M*A*S*H lately. I forgot how much I loved that show. It's too bad I was way too young to appreciate it when it was first on. If I had to pick three favorite characters, I'd have to say Charles, Hawkeye, and Sidney.

Just found out that cup of noodles has 49% of a day's sodium intake. Yikes! Second note to self: Only one of those a day, please. If not every other day.
Tags: beauty and the beast, crafts, notes
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