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I woke up at 8 this morning to about two inches of snow on the ground and more still falling. I think it stopped about an hour ago. For once, the meteorologists were right -- we got about 3-4 inches, from what I can see. Have I mentioned the temperature is still Arctic? It's around 7° above right now. No wind, thank God.

My office's holiday party is in two days. I have the refrigerator cookie dough for the cookie swap, but if the weather doesn't warm up soon (as in tomorrow), I'm not about to brave single-digit temps just for a free (well, for the price of a vegetable dish) lunch. If I don't go, I'll bake at least one of the cookie packages and take most to Mom and Dad.

Note to self: Get a cookie jar after the holidays.

ETA 2:30 PM: Forget what I said, the meteorologists still don't know what they're doing. The lunchtime news said the snow was over for the city limits, but it's snowing again. I wonder how much more we're going to get. Forgot to mention before that there were rabbit tracks across my patio around 9 this morning. Those tracks are nearly invisible now, but a new set has appeared. I imagine it's the same rabbit only now going in the opposite direction. Hope it's not being chased.
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