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As soon as Tony said that Kemp's father-in-law was being sued by the victims, I automatically assumed Kemp did it. Didn't suspect the rent-a-cop at all. In fact, he reminded me of the rent-a-cop in one episode of CSI who tried to help Grissom's team and got blown up by a bomb. Anyway, Abby's reaction to Santa was beyond cute. And I'm so glad Gibbs called his dad to wish him a Merry Christmas. Oh, and Abby's mistletoe was perfect, but (being the GABBY fan I am) she should've given Gibbs a peck on the lips. I shouldn't be surprised that Abby doesn't wear kiss-proof lipstick. I'd've loved to see the expression on Gibbs' face as he wiped it off. Oh well, there's always fanfic. Ziva's expression as she talked to Tony in the car about his ex girlfriend is totally making me think the writers are setting us up for TIVA either this season or next. No new episode next week (probably a Christmas special), so I'll have to wait until Dead Week or January for the next new one.

Made a batch of cranberry-walnut refrigerator cookies today. No, this wasn't one of the ones I bought for the cookie swap. This batch was for me. Good cookies. I'll probably share some.

Worked on Mater today. Will probably do more when I get offline.

I've been walking on the treadmill lately. Not much and not every day, but at least a couple of times a week. Walked a mile today, the most I've done in ages. *falls over*