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Well, the promised winter storm came when the meteorologists said it would -- drive time yesterday evening. We got a couple of inches of snow/sleet/ice on top of the few inches of snow from the other day. All the schools are closed today -- it's the last day before Christmas Vacation, so it's not like they'd be doing anything important today.

I did go to my office's holiday lunch. There was a ton of food, most of it really good. Note to self: Get recipe for cheesy pasta and corn from Sarah, since it's tasty, filling, and can probably be made very cheaply. Got my first Christmas gift of the season -- Jessi gave everyone on the team a coaster with their first initial baked onto it, a candy cane, and a card, all tied together with a wire-edged ribbon. I'm saving the candy cane for hot chocolate this weekend and I'll use the coaster at work. The ribbon was bright red with silver glitter. That's one color combination I haven't considered before, but I like it. The ribbon's now on the plush cat that sits on my desk. I'd wrap gifts with wire-edged ribbon if it weren't a) expensive and b) impractical.

I swear, "Santa Baby" is haunting me this year. I keep hearing that song every time I turn around. The radio, the store, my computer (it's on more than one of my Christmas CDs). I think I keep running into it because I told firelion early this month that I have to be in the right mood to want to listen to it. $5 says I'll write a songfic based on it before Epiphany.

This is the last day of my staycation. I'm not going to work on Mater unless I absolutely want to. I plan on watching a few episodes of The Tudors Season One, possibly re-reading The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams, maybe make my last batch of cookies, and just generally chilling. I don't expect Christmas Week and Dead Week to be busy. (If any of my coworkers saw this post, they'd be smacking me right now -- travel agents are a superstitious lot.)

Mr. St. Nick is on Lifetime again today! *cheers*
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