Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

That other person? Yeah, it's me.

Today, I turn the ripe old age of thirtysomething. I celebrated last night with Mom, Dad, and Mark. We had pizza (Pizza Hut's Panormous is not as big as it looks on TV) and red velvet cake. Yeah, I think that's what I've had the last two years. What can I say, when I find a combination I like, I stick with it.

Birthday Haul
From Mom & Dad -- another 4-person set of my Corelle "Wine Berries" dishes and the donkey for my Nativity set (Dad joked that they should've gotten me Herod)

From Mark -- an IOU for a CD he wants to get me

From Bobby, Linds, Reilly, and Breanna -- a scented wax burner and three packs of scented wax. As soon as I can find a place for it, I'll try it out.

Also from the Hawaiian branch of the family tree, I got a housewarming gift -- a sign that says "Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Dragons ... For You Are Crunchy And Good With Ketchup." Yes, one of my favorite sayings has made its way into my living room. Or it will, as soon as I decide which wall to hang it on.
Tags: birthdays, dragons, gifts
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