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Here there be dragons.

I've loved fantasy creatures for years. My favorite was the unicorn. Beautiful, rare, and something about them has always struck me as feminine, even though I know that if unicorns really existed, then there'd have to be both male and female.

Anyway, I have two favorites now, the unicorn and the dragon. They can be total opposites. Unicorns have been used in Christian art as symbolic of Jesus: good, innocent, powerful, etc. Dragons, meanwhile, have been symbolic of evil, even the Devil himself. And while I think of unicorns as feminine, I think of dragons as masculine. I guess that comes from thinking of unicorns as creatures girls like and dragons as creatures boys like.

Speaking of opposites, Mark once had this poster of a yin-yang symbol, with a white dragon and a black dragon on it. I'd love to find one of a yin-yang with a white unicorn and a black dragon.

Two of my favorite dragon movies are Dragonheart and Flight of Dragons. Unfortunately, Flight of Dragons is only available on VHS and hard to find. I've also seen Dragonslayer and while I usually love '80s fantasy movies, I wasn't crazy about that one mainly because the dragon is a villain. As far as I'm concerned, that's a cliche'. I guess I don't need to mention that I have no intention of seeing Reign of Fire.

The story I've been researching has a dragon in it. What can I say, The Lord of the Rings has inspired me to try my own hand at allegory. To inspire me, I ordered a sterling silver dragon ring, which finally came in yesterday.

Oh, check out what I found today at The Leaky Cauldron -- an article about a dragon in a specimen jar. More than likely, it's a hoax, but what if?