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Yesterday was definitely not the best birthday I've ever had. It started out really bad -- got to work 50 minutes early to find that the office wasn't open yet. Since it was -5° outside, that did not put me in a good mood. I hung around for five minutes before deciding to walk to Baker's (the only store open at the time) and warm up. If I had turned around and gone home, I probably would've stayed there. After wandering around Baker's floral department (I'm sure the security people thought I was going to steal something) for about twenty minutes, I walked back to the office and found other people waiting too. Finally, they got one of the doors open ten minutes before we were supposed to start. Did I mention my legs were mostly numb? It turns out that the various TLs all thought someone would be there to open the office, but no one was. Nice.

The day was slow. Not dead, not busy, just slow. Which means not as many transactions as I really needed, but at least I wasn't bored to death.

Unfortunately for me, it was snowing again when I left the office for the day. At least it was warmer -- about 12° above. By the time I got home, I had decided to skip the treadmill and just chill. Thankfully, firelion's Christmas presents came in handy -- the candy and marshmallows in hot cocoa did a lot to lift my mood. I tried hanging out online, but the cocoa made me so sleepy that I went to bed before it was even 8:45. Oh, what also helped my mood was that I got a Christmas card from Bobby and Linds with a pic of Reilly and Breanna dressed up for Christmas. They're so cute.

Kalob's birthday party is tonight. I have to wonder what kind of cake there'll be, since Mom hasn't mentioned one.