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Dec. 24th, 2008

It turns out the water got turned back on at 4:30 PM, so that's a relief. Kalob loves the Hot Wheels helicopter and cars. Justice hasn't noticed the plush Himalayan kitten and Care Bear yet. Maybe the next time I see her, she'll play with them. Mom loves the necklace and bracelet Melissa made. Dad loves the Ruby Tuesdays giftcard and the peppermint bark. Mark loves the $25 cash.

Christmas Haul
From Mom and Dad -- 2 $25 Amazon giftcards, a stick blender, and Dove chocolate

From Mark -- another IOU

From Bobby, Linds, Reilly, and Breanna -- a power ballads 3-disc CD set and Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" (both were on my Amazon wishlist)

From Aunt 1¢ -- $50 check

Lots of good stuff. I plan on shopping on Amazon Friday since I know we'll be dead at work.

We're getting ready for Midnight Mass. I'm wearing my black dress pants, black patent low heels, a burgundy chenile (?) jacket with a zipper, my Kirks Folly necklace with the dripping teardrop crystals, my Diamonique right-hand ring, my Diamonique band ring, and my clear rhinestone bracelet. I am sparkly. The only thing I'm not wearing is perfume, and I could just kick myself. A couple dozen Yule-themed BPALs and I forgot to bring any of them.

MSN Messenger isn't playing nice. Sorry, firelion.